Book seminars

The books in the Transforming Care Book series are presented at on-line seminars where authors present and discuss their work with eminent discussants and the public.

This is the list of the online book seminars:

A Care Crisis in the Nordic Welfare States? (March, 27 2023)
Presenters: Lise Lotte Hansen, Hanne Marlene Dahl and Laura Horn
Discussant: Teppo Kröger

Reablement in Long-Terms Care for Older People (May, 24 2023)
Presenters: Hanne Tuntland, John Parsons, Amy Clotworthy and Tine Rostgaard
Discussant: Caroline Glendinning.

Unpaid Work in Nursing Homes: Flexible Boundaries (December, 4 2023)
Presenters: Pat Armstrong (editor), Susan Braedley, Christine Streeter
Discussant: Hillary Land.

Due to technical issues, we cannot provide the recording for this seminar, but you can donwload the slides here

For more information on the books, see here