Transforming Care Network (TCN) mailing list – FAQ

What is the goal of the TCN mailing list:
This mailing list is aimed to connect care policy scholars around the world and promote exchanges of information concerning social care and care policy in the policy fields of early childhood education and care, care for adults with disabilities, and long-term care for frail older people.

Who can join the TCN mailing list:
The mailing list is dedicated to members of TCN. To become a member of TCN, go to

What to share via the TCN mailing list:
You are welcome to share information on social care and care policy research. This may include information about academic conferences and events, publications, working papers, calls for papers, invitations to seminars and workshops, information about courses or schools focused on care policy, opportunities for early career scholars, policy documents or developments you may want to inform about.

How to join the TCN mailing list:
If you want to join the mailing you just have to send an empty e-mail to

Who can post via the TCN mailing list:
Every subscriber to the mailing list can post and send emails to other subscribers.

How to post via the TCN mailing list:
Posting and sending messages via the group is easy. Send an email to the group address [], and all subscribers will receive your message in their email boxes. All messages sent via the group will be marked with [TransformingCare] in the heading of the mail. Note that you can reply to the sender of the email only (reply function), and also the whole group (reply all, to []).

Where to find the TCN mailing list in your browser:
You can always see the conversations and change your subscription settings in the following link:

What kind of email can I send via the TCN mailing list
Try to keep your email short and be courteous to fellow subscribers.

You can send smaller attachments to your email. Large attachments (i.e., files bigger than 10MB) are not permitted and will be automatically blocked.

Screening of posts and exclusion from the list
While we do not foresee any screening process for messages, the TCN Management team has the right to exclude someone from the list if there’s a misusage.

How we ensure the privacy of the subscribers and the mailing list:
The mailing list sets clear privacy regulations. Only subscribers of the mailing list can get access to the content on the Google platform. Only subscribers can send and read the messages via the group mailing list. The member list will be shared solely with the management team of the Transforming Care Network and will reside on a secure server in a password-protected file that can be accessed only by the management team. For questions, send us an email at