Thematic Panel 2 – (Out of) Care in Crisis – Analyses and activist initiatives in the post-pandemic period

Convenors – Marjorie Griffin Cohen and Barbara Thiessen for the group Workshop on Care Initiatives (with participants from Canada, USA, Australia & Europe)

This call for papers is for a session that intends to deal with care issues as they are understood and addressed by initiatives or activist groups in different areas. 

The pandemic exposed serious deficiencies in existing care systems, and created new problems, neither of which receive the attention needed in the post-pandemic period. The ‘never again’ that was often expressed as horrors in care were exposed, now seems forgotten. In too many areas, the post-pandemic period continues with many of the same flawed policies of the pre-pandemic period. 

We are looking for papers that examine the following with reference to the activities of care groups: 

  • Identify care crises in distinct settings, such as different types of welfare systems, political structures and other aspects that act as a conditioning framework for post-pandemic periods. 
  • Examine what makes the post-pandemic period problematic, particularly in light of political changes such as the rise of the ultra-right, the focus on inflation and restrictive budget measures, and aggressive moves to privatize the provision of care. 
  • What specific innovative group initiatives are coming out of the pandemic period? What is the focus, and how are people effectively able to work together. What has been the experience with manifestos and care statements? 

The aim of this workshop is to share information to see how can we learn from each other, what are our similarities and differences, relating to different welfare state traditions and what are effective tactics and strategies that work across boundaries.

We welcome proposals and would especially like to encourage people from other areas and groups to join this thematic panel.