Thematic Panel 5

Personalization and user participation in care for older people and people with disability: between innovation and marketization

 Chairs: Karen Christensen, Yueh-Ching Chou


Qingyun Fan     
“Seniors Surfing” – Case Study on a New Type of Welfare Service in Finland

Daniel Lombard, Perkins, Wittenberg, Damant,Ettelt, Williams 
Introducing Direct Payments in Residential Care – the experience of care home providers

Chia-Ning Chang            
Job or Companionship? – The Relationship between Personal Assistant and Disabled people in Taiwan

Yueh-Ching Chou, Chun-Chieh Lin, Chia-Ning Chang, Teppo Kröger
Personal assistance (PA) as an innovation in Taiwan: features, barriers and service user participation