Thematic Panel 19

The Mediterranean Big Chill? Factors, trends and impacts of care policies inertia in Southern European countries

Chairs: Barbara Da Roit, Stefania Sabatinelli

Costanzo Ranci,Marco Arlotti, Andrea Parma
Traps and unexpected effects of innovation in a context of institutional inertia: the case of Italian “home care premium” program

Manuel Aguilar-Hendrickson    
10 years of top-down universalistic reform of LTC in a Southern European welfare state: Spain and the LAPAD

Giovanni Lamura
Elder care needs and service provision in Italy:  current challenges for policy and practice in an international perspective  

Sergio Pasquinelli
Collaborative welfare: evidence beyond the storytelling



Flavia Martinelli, Stefania Barilla’, Antonella Sarlo          
Public ECEC services in the South of Italy. Explaining an enduring deficit in the city of Reggio Calabria