Thematic Panel 15: How to measure care? Innovative reflections and proposals with quantitative and qualitative approaches

Karina Batthyany and Natalia Genta, Universidad de la República

In direct connection with the theme of the 5th Transforming Care Conference, related to time, this symposium receives proposals that seek to analyze the different ways of measuring care, with time being one of the most frequent. Surveys of Time Use, a privileged instrument to quantify the time of unpaid work has been used for several decades around the world. These measurements allow the calculation of the overall unpaid workload, including specific care activities.
However, this instrument has limitations to measure care activities, questions already discussed in the literature.

In this thematic panel we focus on presentations on innovative methodologies to measure care, through quantitative and qualitative strategies that allow quantifying the time of care, its distribution between men and women, the differences in the types of care tasks performed, the uses that families do care in institutions and how they combine it with the time provided at home, among others.

In addition to this, there are key elements that allow understanding the time dedicated to care (such as care services in the country as well as family assessments and gender mandates related to care). The incidence of these elements in the time that families spend on care is also a central element, with which we invite proposals in this regard.

Finally, we especially celebrate comparative studies between countries, especially those that compare countries from different regions of the world. In the Latin American region, it is especially important to deepen the comparative view, more present in other regions.

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