Thematic Panel 12

Co-production between new care arrangements and informal practices for chronic conditions

Chairs: Micol Bronzini, Chiara Guglielmetti


Abigail Johnson, Jenny Mendez, Sharon Milberger, Jane Turner              
Training leaders in Interprofessional Practices: A model of Co-production care for children with disabilities.

Paolo Rossi, Monica Colombo  
The co-design and co-production of social welfare services in Italy: an innovative practice with complex alignments and multiple meanings

Julie MacInnes, Jenny Billings,Erica Gadsby, Simone De Bruin, Jillian Reynolds, Georg Ruppe, Christine Hausler,Caroline Baan
Sustainable Tailored Integrated Care for Older People in Europe (SUSTAIN): Challenges to Implementation at UK, Austria and Catalonia sites                           

Enrico Maria Piras, Silvia Fornasini,Francesco Miele       
Unpacking the invisible work of informal practices in shared care arrangements. The case of Type1 Diabetes management in the family setting                                                                                                                                              



Chiara Guglielmetti       
Co-production in Italy: what do we know?