Expression of interest – session convenors

We invite scholars to express their interest in serving as conveners at the conference. The conference will host both symposia and thematic panels. Symposia can be proposed by one or more conveners, who will suggest a specific theme and up to four paper presenters. For the thematic panels, one or more conveners can propose a title and a theme that will be included in the Call for papers.

Conveners should organize their work in the following way:

Symposia conveners are responsible for:

  • proposing the particular theme of the session, including identification of up to 4 named paper presenters
  • identifying 1-2 discussants, optionally including the conveners him/herself
  • planning the panel composition, and guaranteeing the participation of all the paper preseters involved in their proposal
  • communicating with paper presenters (together with organizers) and supervising the submission of the paper well in advance of the conference (deadline for paper submission is June 1st).

Thematic panel conveners are responsible for:

  • proposing a broad theme for a session
  • assessing and ranking all abstracts submitted for this session, finally selecting up to 4 papers
  • identifying 1-2 discussants, optionally including the convener him/herself
  • communicating with paper presenters and supervising (together with organizers) the  submission of the paper submission well in advance of the conference (deadline for paper submission June 1st).

Regardless of format, conveners will chair their respective session in the conference, present the theme of the session and provide adequate time for paper presentation and their discussion.

Expressions of interest for both session formats should have a maximum length of 1 page and include:

  1. A session title
  2. A short description of the session’s theme (max 300 words), including either a description of the topics and/or types of papers that would be expected (for a thematic panel), or a detailed description of the papers’ contributions and the authors who agree to participate (for a symposium). We encourage descriptions of proposed themes that make explicit links to the topic of the conference.
  3. Full contact details of the convener/s (with a maximum of two conveners): Name/s, affiliation, phone number, email.

Call for session closes September 15th 2018. Please send your expression of interest to the following email address:

Information about accepted proposals will be sent out by mid-October, 2018

For more information, contact