Thematic Panel 8

Reablement as a strategy to regain independence: its challenges and impacts

Chairs: Rudi Westendorp,Avril Drummond         


Lea Graff, Tine Rostgaard           
Reablement: Transforming relations and cooperation in home care for older people

Mia Vabø          
Reablement in the making – the significance of local government organization

Eva Langeland, Hanne Tuntland, BjarteFolkestad, OddvarFørland, Frode F. Jacobsen,IngvildKjeken
A multicenter investigation of reablement in Norway: a clinical controlled trial

Magnus Zingmark, Elisabeth Biberg       
Feasibility of health promoting senior meetings



Lea Graff, Tine Rostgaard
Reablement in Denmark – Better Help, Better Quality of Life?