Thematic Panel 14- Contemporary maternity and paternity in Latin America: transitions and boundaries towards shared care.

Convenors- Karina Batthyány, Universidad de la República, Uruguay

This panel intends to contribute to the reflection on maternity and paternity in the Latin American region and its childcare practices. We are witnessing in Latin America the growing incorporation of care into government agendas with the installation of national and local care policies and systems. Care Systems stem from feminist demands that states redistribute care work more fairly. However, the family-oriented and feminized culture of care persists, as well as the coexistence of various forms of parenting. The panel will argue current parenting and its transitions towards collective and shared care practices. It will discuss the limits presented by certain mothering practices of highly educated women that once again place mothers as the only ones responsible for care. These practices coexist with other care forms that demand greater participation of men and the State in care. 

Contributions should help understand the diversity of motherhood and fatherhood in Latin America and its tensions with a transformative proposal for gender relations in care. We welcome contributions from other regions that dialogue with the Latin American experience and help identify the current expressions that promote and limit male participation in childcare.