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Thematic Panels

TRACK 1 – Care policy and institutional setting

Thematic Panel 2

The varieties of multi-level governance systems in long term care: opportunities and risks

Thematic Panel 3

Cui bono? Policy design and inequalities in access, use and outcomes of care

Thematic Panel 4

Social investment and long-term care – is there a connection?

Thematic Panel 22

Macro comparative perspectives on care policies


TRACK 2 – Innovation and trade-offs in care services

Thematic Panel 5

Personalization and user participation in care for older people and people with disability: between innovation and marketization     

Thematic Panel 8

Reablement as a strategy to regain independence: its challenges and impacts


TRACK 3 – Intergenerational care arrangements and informal care         

Thematic Panel 11

New shapes of intergenerational care relationship

Thematic Panel 12

Co-production between new care arrangements and informal practices for chronic conditions           

Thematic Panel 13

Making-up caregivers. How policy instruments frame and enroll family and informal caregivers?


TRACK 4 – Carework and changing care arrangements

Thematic Panel 14

Men as paid care workers: barriers and opportunities for their incorporation in elder and long-term                   

Thematic Panel 15a

Care work in different arenas: organization, work content and working conditions

Thematic Panel 15b

Care work in different arenas: organization, work content and working conditions

Thematic Panel 16

Working conditions and every-day life of migrant care workers in different care regimes


TRACK 5 – Care policy in different care regimes

Thematic Panel 17

Family-based caregiving under transforming regimes: challenges and opportunities in Asian societies

Thematic Panel 19

The Mediterranean Big Chill? Factors, trends and impacts of care policies inertia in Southern European countries

Thematic Panel 20

Post-communist transformation and transforming care: Central and Eastern Europe in comparative perspective

Thematic Panel 21

Care policies in the Global South


TRACK 6 – Sustainable innovation in care policy

Thematic Panel 6

Achieving sustainable innovation in care: identifying effective pathways for scaling-up

Thematic Panel 9

Technological innovation and social investment strategies in the care sector: challenges and opportunities

Thematic Panel 26

Quality of care



Symposium 1

Privatization/ marketization in Residential Care for Older People

Symposium 2

Changing Policies towards Family Care and Extra-Familial Care and their Consequences – Theoretical Approaches, Concepts and Typologies

Symposium 3

The transformation of cash-for-care payments for older people in Europe

Symposium 4

Providing a Non-Institutional Environment in the Nursing Home: Promising Practices from Sweden?

Symposium 6

Characteristics of long-term care of the older people – new perspectives from SHARE data