Call for Papers – Thematic Panels

The Call for Papers is open from November 15th until Jan 31th, 2021.

The organizing committee of the Transforming care 2021 conference now invites you to submit your abstract to one or more of our Thematic Panels.

Thematic Panels are parallel sessions hosted by Panels’ convenors that, within the general conference theme, address a specific topic. In submitting your paper proposal, please indicate the Thematic Panel that matches your paper’s topic, question and approach. Should your paper strongly relate to the conference theme, but not match any Thematic Panel, you may want to submit it to an “Open Session”.

You will be notified the acceptance of your paper proposal by February 28 th .
Accepted paper will have to be sent in by June 1 st.
You will find the submission form at the bottom of this page.

List of Thematic Panels:

  1. Intersectionality in Care
  2. ECEC services after covid-19: searching to combine sustainability, safety, quality
  3. Time in disability policies and in support for disabled people in different care regimes
  4. Transforming Care Policies in Light of Global COVID-19 Pandemic: Different Welfare Regimes, Different Paths?
  5. Conflicts and compromises between temporalities of care work and temporalities of employment
  6. Professionalizing or de-professionalizing care work embedded in the changing institutional setting of elderly care
  7. Inequalities and care needs
  8. Imagining an Alternative Future: Aging and Caring in a Co-housing
  9. Long-term care in life course perspective: novel theoretical and empirical findings
  10. Care Work in the Household under Time Pressure: Coping Strategies and Precarious Time Frames?
  11. Family Foster vs Institutional Care: The Achilles Heel of Out-of-Home Care for Children?
  12. Transforming what? Unpaid carers and family care of children and adults in systems in transition
  13. Time to care: critical perspectives on “fast policy regimes” and anticipatory techniques in care policy
  14. Negotiating and arranging care during the COVID-19 pandemic and shifting grounds: the effectiveness of policies in shaping a responsive and resilient care system
  15. How to measure care? Innovative reflections and proposals with quantitative and qualitative approaches
  16. Looking back in time: The historical development of long-term care policies
  17. The changing meaning of informal care
  18. COVID-19 and Long-term care for older people – international policy responses and learnings

Open Panel

To submit an abstract, please fill out the form below and upload a word document with:

  • Name, affiliation and full contact details of all the authors
  • Thematic panel of choice
  • Title
  • Abstract of 250-500 words

Abstract submission TCC2021